Bioplastic Packaging

Introduction of bioplastic packaging for honey products

The project to introduce biodegradable packaging in the honey production was successfully achieved by the Blue Bird Foundation during the period 2007 – 2010
The aim of the Foundation through this project was to contribute to the environmental protection by introducing an alternative type of packaging in Bulgaria.

The project cost amounted to 107 553 USD. For its realization The Blue bird Foundation was supported by the Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Fund and received financial support of 50% of the total cost price.

The Blue bird Foundation with its partners in this project (Bard 1990 Ltd. – producer of honey and bee products and Povvik Plc – consulting company on environmental issues and sustainable development) has managed to introduce biodegradable polymer in the manufacture of packaging in Bulgaria.
For the first time in the country honey was being packaged in biodegradable polymer Ecovio, which is bioplastic, consisting of 45% cornstarch.

Ecovio products are biodegradable in industrial composting conditions. In natural conditions this is done for several years, and – for comparison – the time for conventional polymers degrading is up to 500 years.

During the project new software was developed, tested and explored, providing the necessary production cycle of constant-quality bio-packages by regulating and reducing the temperature for extruding the material, leading to a significant reduction in electricity used. We also developed a business plan for the product positioning on the market and for the further development of bio production.

During the project was developed and implemented comprehensive communication strategy for the product positioning and for encouragement of biodegradable packaging usage.

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