Ivaylo Kirilov (Prem Sajeev)

Ivaylo Krilov has studied “History of Theatre” at Philosophy Department, The University of Athens and “Economic Sociology” at the University of Economics and World Economy, Sofia. From 1994 to 2009 he worked in the area of advertising and marketing.

Ivaylo Kirilov (Prem Sajeev) discovered OSHO’s World for the first time in January 2005 during his first stay at OSHO International Meditation Resort – Pune, India. Since then, he has been actively involved in various meditative practices.

For the period 2006-2007 he attended and completed successfully OSHO Therapeutic and Counselling Trainings in India.

In 2007, he attended two other trainings – for Family Constellation with Svagito R. Liebermeister and Pulsation with Aneesha L.Dillon.

In 2008 Ivaylo Kirolov (Prem Sajeev) completed OSHO Meditation Training – Pune, India with Gopal and Shunjo

He is currently publishing OSHO Books and OSHO Zen Tarot Cards for Bulgaria

Email: sajeev@thebluebird.org
Mobile: +359 88 857 0335

Transgression of the Present: Method for Becoming Aware of Yourself

Ivaylo Kirilov-Prem Sajeev has been working with people in the realm of personal development from 2009 – observing their insecurity, wandering and inability to reveal the beauty in their lives, he developed his own method to achieve a state of wholeness and integrity. The modern man is torn into pieces, he is immersed in an ocean of ​​thoughts, emotions and feelings. Instead of floating serenely on the ocean waves, he has turned into a drowning man under the burden of his own troubles. Sajeev offers something different. Let’s leave that “self” aside and clean ourselves. Let’s be born again.

He himself explains his method in the following way:

Transgression is a method, which takes you out from the past, takes you back from the future and meets you with the present. However, the approach should be strictly individual to every person.

“I could ride on the time machine, travel in the past and in the future, but I stopped in the present to find out what life is about.

I found out that being in the present is not an easy process. I realised that being HERE / NOW is not an undertaking. Moreover, I understood that this was the only thing that could make sense for me.

I found out that being HERE / NOW is the most worthwhile thing for me, to give myself totally to life to embrace me and take me wherever it wants. At the beginning this could be quite a painful process, but once you pass beyond the boundaries of the limitations, the bliss comes.”

“Transgression of the Present” is a method of working with people that enables you to meet with the truth of HERE / NOW and to become aware of what actually life is. “At least it worked for me, that was the only way to reach love,” adds Sajeev and warns that once you step on this road, you will have to go through the pain, as well.

However, this method is not for everyone. It is only for those who are ready to leave their illusions of themselves and the surrounding world and to become aware that truth and love are the two wings for the flight to freedom.